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anne sebba

what a beautiful piece of writing about an indomitable spirit. Reading this gives me hope as i start out on my own journey of widowhood. Thanks so much for posting this, Bill, clearly an inspiration. Anne

Sabrina Bennett

How beautiful your words are that caused my eyes to tear.

Libby Wilder

Your tribute is beautiful and fitting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every son, thought so highly of their mother. You have been blessed indeed.

Bob zimmer

Very sorry for your loss

John Fisher Burns

Cambridge, England
October 3rd 2018


Your tribute to your beloved Mama was elegiac, and struck a deep chord with others like myself who are mourning the loss of a beloved and irreplaceable companion. Reading your words offered an insight into the resilient, resourceful son she raised in you.

With Affection
John Fisher Burns

Judith Sousa

Hello Bill, this beautiful tribute to your mother (my 2nd cousin) brought tears to my eyes and took my breath away. I wish I had had the privilege of knowing her. Very sorry for your loss.

Kind regards,
Judy (3rd cousin)

William Lucey

Thanks Judy for taking the time to reply, and for your kind words; it means a great deal. My heart is still aching.


Your words never more expressive

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